Teesside Renewable Energy Plant, England

Waste wood-fired power plant at Teesside

Together with our venture partner, Lagan Construction Group Ltd., B&W Vølund won the contract to design and build Teesside Renewable Energy Plant at Teesside,  England. The plant will be located in Teesside, Port Clarence in Cramlington, near Middlesbrough, Northumberland, England. Furthermore, B&W Vølund will provide operations and maintenance services at the plant under a 15-year contract. The project developer and plant owner is Glennmont Partners.


Efficient use of waste wood

The biomass facility will be capable of using waste wood as fuel and will be generating 40 MWe of renewable energy. With an annual combustion of 325,000 tonnes of wood waste, the plant will be able to supply 78,000 households with electricity. The contract was signed in the early autumn of 2015, and the plant is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2018. 


The key reason why B&W Vølund have been selected is based on B&W Vølund’s solution-based approach, which entails de-risking the project for the project developer and plant owner, Glennmont Partners. 
Key features of the solution:

• EPC solution
• UK construction partner
• Technology
• Funding support
• Construction programme
• Operations and maintenance (O&M)


The technology

B&W Vølund’s technology concept is based on in-house knowledge and many years of experience and provides high efficiency availability and performance combined with a robust design to give an extended design life. B&W Vølund’s solution is based on the patented DynaGate® technology, providing excellent fuel flexibility. The key benefits for the plant owner include:

• Few fuel constraints with no pre-treatment needed
• Improved and simplified fuel handling
• Fly ash disposal costs significantly reduced  
• Full recovery of ferrous metal from bottom ash

Plant design data

Process parameters  Values* Units
Waste capacity  35 t/h
Heat value 13.1 MJ/kg
Steam output 159.9 t/h
Steam temperature 500 ᴼC
Steam pressure
500 Bar
Boiler outlet flue gas temperature 
227 ᴼC
Feed water temperature 194 ᴼC 

*All values refer to 11 % O2 dry gas