B&W Vølund man at plant

Multi-fuel technology

Tomorrow’s energy plants need to be ultra-flexible and our multi-fuel technology gives you the best flexibility for your business case.

The increasing interest in CO2 neutral and environmentally friendly energy is reflected in the rapid demand for our multi-fuel technology, the result of decades of experience burning biomass and waste-to-energy.

Fuel flexibility and a high thermal efficiency - now you can get both

The biomass and waste-to-energy plants of the future will be based on a much higher degree of flexibility. Compiling and integrating various combustion technologies means that many types of fuel can be used in the same plant, making them less dependent on a single type of fuel.

Our multi-fuel plants are highly flexible and can handle a wide range of fuels – often pre-treated waste like solid recovered fuels (SRF), refuse-derived fuels (RDF) as well as biomass. Contaminated bio waste from demolishing industry, SRF, and RDF are all attractive fuels in the low-price category. 

The total thermal plant efficiency of our plants is also very high - typically more than 90%

2 types of fuels - 2 different set of steam parameters

Our first genuine multi-fired plant was deemed commercial in 2008 after a year in test. The plant, in Strängnäs, Sweden, is a combined heat and power (CPH) plant. The Strängnäs plant is designed for two different sets of steam parameters in order to improve the electrical efficiency when burning clean biomass. We have since optimised the design of our multi-fuel plants and developed a “second generation,” state-of-the-art multi-fuel plant.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

We use Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) as a tool for detailed engineering. CFD is a method of solving fluid flow equations with numerical methods used for optimising the flue gas flow through the furnace and boilers.

Our secondary air system, VoluMix™, has been designed on the basis of CFD.

Corrosion protection with Inconel®

Multi-fuel often contains waste material and therefore multi-fuel energy plants have a increased risk of corrosion. To protect agains corrosion we use Inconel® cladding in the lower part of the boiler.

Continual R&D

We are continually developing our range of boiler, grate, and firing systems, systems which enable us to fulfill our clients’ needs and expectations regarding CHP plants. Our expertise and our technologies ensure optimum energy utilisation and reliability.