Flue gas treatment of multi-fuel fired plants

Our subsidiary B&W Vølund AB's flue gas cleaning systems are purpose-designed to treat the gas such that emission limits are well met with acceptable margins.

Swedish B&W Vølund AB is a world leader in flue gas cleaning technologies. It is their technology on which we base our flue gas cleaning systems, which guarantee extremely low emissions.

B&W Vølund AB's flue gas cleaning systems are purpose-designed to treat the gas such that emission limits are well met with acceptable margins, also during fluctuations in the gas composition. Their flue gas cleaning technology is predominantly applied in the areas of combustion of hazardous waste, municipal waste, and industrial waste.

Many benefits for our clients

Our subsidiary B&W Vølund AB's technology offers numerous financial and process advantages:

  • Most efficient flue gas treatment suitable for handling large variations in gas composition
  • High availability
  • Minimal residue product and deposition cost
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Possible integration of energy recovery and thereby faster ROI.

General concept of flue gas cleaning and flue gas treatment

Multifunctional compact solutions are offered when different components can be captured within a single wet scrubber. Energy recovery can be integrated, if needed. If you have an existing plant you can increase your energy recovery by 20-25% with flue gas condensation. The unit can also be combined with a static dioxin absorber operating at saturation point or at a slightly overheated atmosphere.


More than 40 combustion lines are in operation with complete flue gas cleaning systems from B&W Vølund AB. Most also include water treatment systems. The installed processes are mainly wet scrubber systems, but bag filters and semi-dry systems are also represented. B&W Vølund AB upgrades flue gas treatment systems at existing plants to meet the increasingly restrictive environmental requirements and deliver our unique and compact sub-systems to new installations.


Processes that can be integrated in complete flue gas cleaning systems include:

  • Scrubber technology with specialisation on dioxin and mercury removal (ADIOX® and MERCOX™) and RESOX™ for dioxin and corrosion reduction.
  • Specially designed water treatment system, including gypsum precipitation connected to the flue gas cleaning process.
  • Energy recovery through condensation of the flue gases including a heat pump installation, where appropriate.

Specific technologies of flue gas treatment

  • ADIOX® for absorption/adsorption of dioxins
  • MERCOX for mercury removal
  • RESOX™ for reduction of the corrosion rate for super heaters and to enable operation with higher steam data
  • CUTNOX™ is integrated in the combustion process to reduce NOx formation in steam boilers.
  • WESP scrubber-integrated wet electrostatic precipitator for separation of dust, aerosols, and ultrafine particles from flue gas.
  • Hydrochloric acid (HCl) separation in wet scrubber systems
  • Sulphur dioxide(SO2) –separation with NaOH or Ca(OH)2 in packed bed scrubbers or in open scrubbers
  • Water treatment systems
  • Gypsum precipitation as part of the water cleaning system
  • Special process for separation of sulphur dioxide: SO2 in extreme concentrations and at low gas flows (approx. 100.000 mg/m3 SO2 for a few thousand m3/h gas) is separated in a special process with Ca (OH)2 as alkali. The residual product is typical of dewatered gypsum. Applications in foundries and the process industry.
  • Hydrofluoric acid (HF), dust and heavy metals can also be separated in the above gas cleaning processes.
If you are interested in learning more about our flue gas cleaning technology, please contact Per Lindgren, B&W Vølund AB, per.lindgren@gmab.se, (+46) 708 964682