R&D partnership with AffaldPlus: the plant of ideas

Date: December; 12; 2012 | Author:
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A partnership agreement on development work is combining ideas and waste-to-energy plants to ensure that technology development keeps moving ahead and can be applied to meet tomorrow's needs.

"It is essential for us to have a plant where we are able to try things out. After all, clients won't purchase solutions that haven't been tried out in a full-scale plant."

The statement is made by Thomas Norman, Babcock & Wilcox Vølund's head of research and development, about the partnership agreement with AffaldPlus, a joint municipal waste-to-energy plant in Næstved, Denmark.

The agreement was signed in 2007 and allows Babcock & Wilcox Vølund to perform the full-scale testing of new technology at the plant. The testing was primarily carried out in the plant's furnace line 4, which was supplied by Babcock & Wilcox Vølund in 2005, providing a state-of-the-art platform for further technological development.

The desire to develop and improve

For its part, AffaldPlus seeks to develop the industry and improve its plant.

"We signed the agreement in order to encourage the technological development of waste-to-energy plants. We're not an industry with intense competition, so we'll gladly help out our neighbors, that is to say, other plants. As a matter of fact, contributing to the development of technology used in waste treatment is part of the company strategy. We also work with other companies, for example in the area of organic waste collection," explains Ole Andersen, head of combustion and energy at AffaldPlus.

The partnership essentially requires nothing more from the plant employees than the coordination of activities. On the plus side, one can count the insight gained into the latest ideas and solutions.

"We're following the results of the projects very closely. The more we know about products and solutions, the better we're able to assess what we ourselves want to purchase to optimize the plant," Andersen comments.

R&D partnership agreement at AffaldPlus

Projects to date:

  1. Optimization of settings, 2008: Better control of the plant, such as oxygen regulation, leads to stable operations and fewer load breakdowns. The results have since brought about increased sales and are standard features of Babcock & Wilcox Vølund's plants today. Among other things the controls mean that the company is able to fulfill its guarantee for steam production.
  2. Cut NOx, 2010-11: Injection of air and water in the rear of the furnace in order to reduce raw NOx. Injection of ammonia in the first boiler pass to remove NOx. The result was a substantial reduction of NOx.
  3. Furnace camera, 2010: A newly developed camera is beginning to be tested out in a new location in the furnace. The aim is to obtain better images to monitor the flame front. Version 2 of the camera is now installed, and the next step is analyzing the images taken by the camera and linking them to the system controls.
  4. SteamBoost, 2012: Testing a superheater installed in the rear of the furnace, intended to raise steam temperature by 40-50 degrees. The durability of eight different materials is also being tested. Combustion and flue gases in the furnace are controlled via purging air in the rear of the furnace.

AffaldPlus at a glance

AffaldPlus is owned by the Danish municipalities of Faxe, Næstved, Ringsted, Slagelse, Sorø and Vordingborg and serves a total of 300,000 inhabitants and 30,000 companies.

In 2011, AffaldPlus treated 115,000 tons of waste and distributed 13 MW of electricity and 50 MW of district heating.

Plant data

  • Waste capacity: 8 tons/hour 
  • Heat: 12 MJ/kg
  • Steam temperature: 405° C
  • Steam pressure: 54 bar
  • Energy recovery: 85.7%

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