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The DynaGrate® is for the first time heading to a waste-to-energy plant in Asia. The leading utilities group Sembcorp Industries Ltd. was so impressed with the DynaGrate® that they wanted it for the new high-tech waste-to-energy plant at Sakra on Jurong Island in Singapore. 

For Babcock & Wilcox Vølund and licensee Halla, this means the opening of a door to a promising high-revenue market: neighbouring countries in Asia are watching closely with a view to gaining inspiration for their own environmentally- friendly waste treatment and energy supply systems.

You can still impress your partner, even after a 20 year relationship. That's how long B&W Vølund and the South Korean company Halla Energy & Environment have been working together to deliver waste-to-energy plants using B&W Vølund's technology to South Korea. The Danish/South Korean licence agreement has resulted in a steady stream of plants during the agreement's 20 year duration. In recent projects, Halla was so familiar with procedures that they produced their own grates, boilers and feed systems.

Nonetheless, the energy, water and marine group, Sembcorp’s interest was further increased to B&W Vølund’s technology when Sembcorp paid a visit to B&W Vølund’s plant in Sundsvall, Sweden, to have personal demonstrations of the fuel flexibility and low maintenance associated with DynaGrate®technology.

Breakthrough in the Asian high-tech market

Sembcorp now wants the DynaGrate® for the company's new project on Jurong Island in Singapore. The order represents a breakthrough for Halla in several ways.

"Halla has spent a long time acccessing the Singaporean and Malaysian markets in order to move onwards after South Korea, which is largely saturated when it comes to plants. Singapore is the result of a major effort from Halla's side," says Jeremy Crowley, Department Manager, Licensing, B&W Vølund. He explains the perspectives of the decision.

"The Singapore plant is an important reference point for energy-from-waste as a cost-effective and environmental solution for the more wealthy Asian countries that can afford to process its waste properly. That's why Sembcorp chose Halla, B&W Vølund and the DynaGrate® system for the project. This is an important opening. The neighbouring country Malaysia is keeping a keen eye on the solutions being implemented in Singapore" says Crowley. He is keen to make clear what this implies:
"There is a huge market out there for high-tech solutions, in which revenues can accrue to the locals rather than to Russian gas suppliers, for instance."

Green goals for Singapore

The end customer in Singapore is the leading utilities group Sembcorp Industries Ltd., which provides power, steam, water and wastewater treatment for major companies on the Jurong Island petrochemical manufacturing site, and is also Singapore’s largest solid waste management player serving both households and businesses. The company has spotted the opportunity to strengthen its steam supply for customers on Jurong Island, while strengthening synergies between its energy and solid waste management businesses, and contributing towards reducing the carbon footprint of industry in Singapore.

“The development of our waste-to-energy plant is in line with Sembcorp’s drive to offer the best and most competitive energy solutions to our customers, while helping them reduce their carbon footprint. With the plant coming on-stream in 2016, Sembcorp will be able to meet our goal of supplying one third of our existing customers’ steam demands on Jurong Island using energy-from-waste. With this project, Sembcorp will also take the lead in supporting the efforts of the Singapore government to promote a greener, more sustainable petrochemical hub,” says Chia Hong Chuan, Vice President of Project Development at Sembcorp Industries.

Sembcorp Singapore

The new waste-to-energy plant for Sembcorp Ltd.

Twenty years of great cooperation

"The plant will use industrial and commercial waste as fuel to produce energy in the form of steam, which will then be supplied to chemical and petrochemical companies on Jurong Island. There will be two furnace lines, which can each process 575 tonnes of waste daily," explains Søren Lausten-Hansen, project manager at Babcock & Wilcox Vølund.

He has been involved in the licence partnership with Halla for the last five years and explains that its smooth running is thanks to an ingrained understanding between the parties.
"We have been supplying our technology to an average of one plant per year for the last 20 years. They produced the last grate out there themselves."

The “DynaGrate® darling” will, however, be produced in Esbjerg, Denmark, and will be delivered to Singapore as hardware.


DynaGrate® to Sembcorp in Singapore

The plant

The new facility will produce approx. 197 tonnes of steam per hour using around 1,000 tonnes of industrial and commercial waste per day as fuel. The waste is collected by Sembcorp’s solid waste management operations and amounts to roughly 14% of Singapore’s total daily tonnage of waste bound for processing.
The plant will use industrial and commercial waste as fuel to produce energy in the form of steam, which will then be supplied to chemical and petrochemical companies on Jurong Island. There will be two furnace lines, which can each process 575 tonnes of waste daily.

Project stakeholders

Halla Energy & Environment: Licensee. In charge of delivery of boiler, combustion grate and firing system. Halla is a South Korean industrial plant business executing all kinds of environmental industrial plants and civil & construction works on a turnkey basis, from feasibility studies to design, manufacturing, construction, operation and maintenance.

Joint Venture Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co. and Hyundai Engineering Co.: EPC contractor and financial investor in the project.

Sembcorp Industries Ltd: End client and owner of the new plant, which is Sembcorp’s second waste-to-energy plant in Singapore. The company has supplied utilities to companies on Jurong Island for over 15 years and has around SGD 3 billion of assets in the petrochemical cluster.

Babcock & Wilcox Vølund: Licensor, subcontractor and supplier of 2 X 24 t/h DynaGrates®, Inconel clad wear zones, design of boiler, firing equipment and slag extraction.

Time schedule:

B&W Vølund must deliver the two DynaGrates® by the start of 2015.

Licence agreements

  • A licence cooperation agreement gives the licensee the right to use the design for B&W Vølund's technologies in return for paying royalties every time the technology is used. 
  • The agreement contains a precise description of how the licensee will be trained and supported to use the design and to produce the technology. 
  • Quality in construction and commissioning will be carefully verified by B&W Vølund, who has a supervisor on-site at construction, commissioning and acceptance test. 
  • At the start of a new licence agreement, key components are supplied by B&W Vølund from the production in Esbjerg as part of the initial training. 
  • The licensee can then move towards producing parts of the technology locally, which means that the final price for the end customer becomes very competitive.

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