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Insurance, free warehousing and rapid delivery of spare parts. You simply need to collect what you need from the container situated at the plant and you will pay only for what you use.

”The container provides the shortest delivery time it is possible to achieve,” says Klaus Barckmann, Head of Spare Parts at B&W Vølund, when talking about the container that has been supplied to seven customers so far to act as a spare parts warehouse. 

"I thought the container was an excellent idea because we had experienced difficulty obtaining parts for our grate the year before. The container solution also means that our own stock has been reduced," says Gustav Marcus, Operation Manager at the waste-to-energy plant, Hässleholm Miljö AB, which has been using B&W Vølund's spare parts container for more than three years and is extremely happy with it.

Exactly what you need

"It has definitely been a great help during the maintenance shutdown. Even if we have a good idea of what we will need there will always be something missing and we have been able to collect it from the container immediately," says Gustav Marcus. He is also happy to help other plants that suddenly find themselves without parts, for example plants in Eksjö, Linköping, Ljungby and Stockholm have collected parts from the container in Hässleholm.

"A container can easily serve several plants situated in close proximity to one another. For example, a lorry was sent from Linköping to Hässleholm to collect grate parts following a quick decision in Linköping to replace a large portion of the grate bed. This saved at least a day in terms of delivery time, avoiding the need to have ten men standing around waiting. This provides excellent savings in terms of both downtime and man hours,” says Klaus Barckmann.

Supplied with warehouse specialist

All plants with a major service agreement and spare part solution will receive an annual visit from Service Engineer and Spare Parts Specialist Kim Thinggaard. He checks the warehouse, and ensures that the correct items and amounts are available. Kim Thinggaard knows exactly what he is talking about. He has been working as a welder in the construction department for 15 years. 

"I have been working with these plants the entire time and I know virtually every screw and washer", says Kim Thinggaard, who receives a warm welcome at plants using the container solution.

"The plants are able to minimise their stock. We cover all expenses for stock-keeping and demonstrate great faith in the customer by providing valuable goods for their use. Conversely, the customer also shows great faith in us by leaving the stock-keeping to us,” says Kim Thinggaard.

Cheap stock-keeping and insurance

"It is a massive advantage for the customer. If they were to order the parts from an inexpensive competitor instead, the parts would need to be ordered at least six months in advance and they would need to purchase extra in case of unforeseen circumstances. To be on the safe side they would often make a purchase totalling DKK 750,000, tying up a lot of money in the warehouse as insurance. They might only use parts totalling DKK 50,000, leaving assets actually worth DKK 700,000 in the warehouse. This is extremely unpractical. The container solution provides them with cost-free warehousing where they pay only for what they use and get a warehousing specialist into the bargain," says Klaus Barckmann.

The spare parts container is checked for a final time by Klaus Barckmann and Kim Thinggaard before it is shipped from the warehouse in Esbjerg. 

Container from Babcock & Wilcox Vølund

  • B&W Vølund supplies a container of spare parts tailored for each plant. The customer has a key to the container and can freely retrieve spare parts as needed. 

  • It is also possible to send the container back and forth between B&W Vølund and the plant if the plant does not have sufficient space for it.

  • The container is 20 feet long and one side can be fully opened, making it easy to load and unload spare parts using a forklift truck.

  • A spare parts specialist from B&W Vølund checks the customer's stock, including the stock in the container, and replenishes the container in accordance with customer needs to ensure that spare parts are always at hand.

  • The customer pays only for the parts that have been removed from the container. Spare parts are replenished when used.

  • B&W Vølund has a total of around 9,000 different product numbers. The container will typically contain the 30-50 product numbers that constitute the most frequently used wearing parts.

  • A total of nine plants in Sweden and Norway are using the container solution so far. In some places the container serves multiple plants. Two plants have chosen to send the container back and forth between the plant and B&W Vølund as needed.

  • The solution has been part of our range of services since 2011.

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