Danish DynaGrate® to go: green technology for Shenzhen, China

Date: December; 16; 2016 | Author:
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Six extra extra large DynaGrates® weighing almost 1,000 tons. This is the scheduled shipment from Babcock & Wilcox Vølund in Denmark to China in 2017. The heavy steel work travels along with a complete boiler design and manifests forefront clean technology for the world’s largest waste-to-energy plant. 

In 2017, Denmark will ship hundreds of tons of heavy technology encapsulated in iron and steel to China. To be more specific, Danish Babcock & Wilcox Vølund has on November 23, 2016 signed a USD 40 million contract to design and deliver equipment for six waste-to-energy boilers for East Shenzhen Energy Environment Co. Ltd. in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China. The contract includes six of B&W Vølund’s largest DynaGrates® to go to the world’s largest waste-to-energy plant ever.

Shenzhen waste to energy plant 

When complete, the 168-megawatt plant will combust up to 5,600 tons of municipal waste a day. Hence, handling one third of the waste generated by Shenzhen's 20 million inhabitants every year.

B&W Vølund will do the complete boiler design and supply equipment, including the DynaGrate® combustion grate system, hydraulics, burners and other boiler components.


Made in Denmark

“The six DynaGrates® doubles our largest shipment to date which was three DynaGrates® in 2013 to West Palm Beach in Florida as part of our turn-key delivery of the 95-megawatt waste-to-energy plant over there. Likewise, the DynaGrate® for East Shenzhen will be produced in Esbjerg, Denmark by our expert crew  with the innate insight, skills and care for our upfront technology. The grate will then be shipped to China in 48 parts and assembled under the careful supervision of our advisors and our highly competent licensee China Science Group Holding. We are pleased and proud to be chosen for this important assignment to contribute to the world’s largest CO2-neutral waste-to-energy plant,” says CEO, John Veje Olesen, B&W Vølund, Denmark.

Shenzhen waste to energy plant 

Sustainability showcase

“The demand for reliable and clean renewable energy is growing in China and throughout much of Asia,” says Paul Scavuzzo, Senior Vice President, B&W Renewable, USA. “We thank Shenzhen Energy for choosing B&W Vølund to provide state-of-the art technology for this plant.”

The circular Shenzhen plant is designed by the Danish architects Schmidt Hammer Lassen and Gottlieb Paludan and is a high-profile plant, which is expected to be an important showcase for environmentally friendly energy production in China. It will be built with sustainability in mind and will incorporate rooftop solar panels, a visitor education center and an observation platform into its architectural design. The plant also represents the first time that B&W Vølund deploy its advanced DynaGrate® technology in China.

The plant is scheduled to begin commercial operation in mid-2019.


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