ERFA 2017: Ready, set, turn around...

Date: January; 16; 2017 | Author:
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Change. It may feel a little difficult to swallow, but it is out there. In some places change is just around the corner, in other places it has already arrived. Change is the focus of the 2017 ERFA seminar.

It relates to the major changes directed from above, where the decision-makers can be found, for example B&W Vølund's lobbying for waste combustion to be considered equal to other forms of recycling. 

It is also about change in markets for energy and waste and about change in the individual plants, which need to adapt to the new opportunities and challenges in a changing world. 

We invite you to witness the height of technology at Amager Bakke, where we will provide you with forecasts for coming years' development and take a detailed look at the technology and problem-solving at each plant. Find out how to blow away your dust issues, how a boiler blackened by coal can become green or how to breathe new life into really old boilers. We invite you to watch a film about the flames, we will share our slag issues with you and ask, are you safe? Simply bring all your questions and experience to share with your colleagues.

The excursion is a visit to the black piste at Amager Bakke, Copenhagen's prestigious new landmark energy-from-waste plant. The ski slope, which is nearly complete, is packed with state of the art technology from the core to the outer layers. Join us at the top of the piste and hear about the slalom curves and jumps and the correct technique for the journey from tenders and drawings to a complete plant in the real world.

In addition to the indispensable coffee breaks with industry experts, a longer break has been added, during which Rune Green will give a demonstration of his tools. He reminds us that our tools can be used to bring humour to colleagues and the workplace, thereby making the working day more fun and less of a chore. 

We look forward to seeing you on 6-7 April (Danish) or 27-28 April (Swedish) in Copenhagen. The invitations will be with you soon.

Amager Bakke - spring

Visit Amager Bakke, Copenhagen's prestigious new landmark energy-from-waste plant.

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