A new man in the Service Director position

Date: February; 28; 2019 | Author:
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Farewell and thank you to the departing Service Director

Our present Service Director, Scott Gossard, who came from B&W’s headquarters in the U.S. to join us here in November 2017, goes back home to live with his family at the end of February 2019.  We would like to thank Scott sincerely for his very dedicated endeavors in connection with the reconstruction and renewal of B&W Volund’s service business.

Hello and welcome to BWV’s new Service Director

Niels Højberg Nielsen takes on the position as BWV’s new Service Director as of March 1, 2019. Niels holds a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering and joined BWV in 1994. He also has a Diploma in Management, and over the years he has held various leadership positions within BWV. He has experience in our Boiler Department, in our Grate and Combustion Department, as well as in our Service Department where he manages the major service tasks during the reconstruction of an existing plant. In the previous nearly 8 years, Niels has been Department Manager in the Guarantee Department, which is responsible for plant surveillance from preliminary take-over until final customer take-over.

A few words about BWV’s Service Business by Niels Højberg Nielsen

The almost 14 years I have spent in BWV’s Service Department have been interesting. This is where we offer our customers a well-assorted range of interesting products and services ranging from planning and execution of revisions, condition assessments of boilers and grate combustion equipment, survey studies on enhancement projects, conduct of both small-scale and major projects — be it either prolonging a plant’s lifetime, improving its performance, capacity, or exhaust conditions — to projects related to fuel conversion.

One of BWV’s core values is that once we have taken on an assignment, we always finish it. As we work intensively to complete a number of challenging EPC projects, we continue to make significant achievements to reach the point of “preliminary hand-over” on the majority of these projects.

New opportunities will arise as we adapt to focus on our core competences: combustion equipment plus boiler and flue gas cleaning technologies. We will also place an expanded emphasis on servicing the existing fleet of renewable and waste-to-energy plants.

BWV’s service leader group is composed as follows:

  • Niels Højberg Nielsen, Service Director
  • Bente Droob, Department Manager/Aftermarket Service
  • Mikael Lunø Kristensen, Department Manager/Service Operations
  • Karsten Rasmussen, Department Manager/Production

I look forward to taking on these new challenges and anticipate having many constructive dialogues with you as we look to meet and exceed the expectations you have of us as your preferred service partner.

Niels Højberg Nielsen
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