Harboøre Varmeværk in Denmark

Wood chips gasification CHP plant

More than 120,000 commercial operating hours

Between 1996 and 2011 our Harboøre gasifier has performed more than 8,000 annual operating hours, which is a current total of more than 120,000 operating hours.

The technology used in the Harboøre facility has also been licensed to the Japanese company JFE, which has contracted plants similar to the Harboøre plant in Japan early in 2005.

Harboøre biomass gasification plant

From test to commercial implementation

After several hundred hours of successful operation at our experimental gasifier at Kyndby, Denmark, the 3.5 MW updraft woodchip gasifier built for the municipality of Harboøre (Jutland, Denmark), was commissioned in December 1993.

The gasifier, which supplies district heating, uses a gas-fired boiler. The Harboøre gasifier plant is supported by the Danish Energy Authority.
We have gained substantial, unique experience from the various challenges posed by the plant. A three-year optimization process was implemented, and from winter 1996 to 1997 the gasification process itself was considered commercial.

Investigating how to eliminate tar

A development process for gas cleaning was carried out parallel to this because the high tar content in an updraft gasifier was not acceptable in gas engines. It became obvious that reduction of the tar content in gas from an updraft gasifier was not a simple matter. Various ways of eliminating the tar were investigated.

Gas cleaning

By March 2000, cleaning had reached a level which allowed us to install two 648 kWe gas engines from the Austrian engine manufacturer Jenbacher. The engines were put into operation and they have functioned smoothly since then. Early in 2001 the capacity of one engine was further increased to 768 kWe through increased turbocharger pressure.
In the summer of 2002 our R&D Centre succeeded in developing a reliable waste water cleaning system, and a full-scale system, about 1200 kg/h of waste water, was put into operation. By the end of 2003 the overall concept for biomass gasification CHP (Combined Heat and Power) was considered commercial.

If you wish to know more about our gasification technology, please contact Robert Heeb by mail or at (+45) 7614 3596.

Plant design data

Technical parameters Values
Fuel Wood chips
Fuel energy input  3,500 kW
Electrical output  1,000 kW
Thermal output 1,900 kW
Electrical efficiency 28 %
Thermal efficiency 53 %
Total efficiency  94 %
Gasification agent  moist air
Fuel moisture   35-55 %
Plant hours, total more than 120,000 (h)
Plant hours, annual 8,000 (h)
Engine hours  more than 100,000 (h)