Junckers Industrier A/S, Køge in Denmark

Wood-fired CHP plant

Junckers Industrier A/S is Denmark’s largest wood processor and manufacturer. On an annual basis, the factory processes more than 500,000 tons of logs into solid wood parquet flooring, furniture, and tabletops.

The wood found unsuitable for flooring and tabletops is used in the manufacture of MDF plates. A portion is used as fuel in Juncker’s own combined heat and power (CHP) plant which supplies the factory with electricity.

In July 1996, Junckers Industrier A/S contracted with us for the building of a new biomass-fired CHP plant. The plant was delivered as a turnkey supply and was commissioned in April 1998.

Junckers biomass plant

Waste wood fuel

The feedstock is primarily waste wood, mainly consisting of sawdust, shavings, slip and wood chips.

Circulation boiler ensures efficiency of 90%

Our natural circulation boiler fires waste wood as well as oil and biogas. The combustion equipment for the different fuels consists of:

  • Two dust burners, placed at different levels at each side of the furnace side walls, intended for fine grained fuel. Oil burners for emergency and support firing are integrated in the dust burners.
  • Three pneumatic air spouts for the coarse fuels installed on the boiler front.

At the bottom of the furnace, a water-cooled vibrating grate is arranged to ensure combustion of the coarse fuel which does not have sufficient time to burn out while passing through the furnace in suspension. Secondary combustion air and recycled flue gas are supplied to the furnace combustion zone through nozzles in the boiler front and rear walls. Slag and ash are transported to containers by means of a sub-merged slag conveyor system.

The flue gases leave the boiler and are carried through an electrostatic precipitator, which removes the fly ash from the flue gases before they are carried up through the 70 m (230 ft.) high steel chimney.

Junckers’ waste wood supply the company with energy

The recovered energy from the waste wood is supplied back to the production halls at Junckers Industrier.

Junckers illustration

Plant design data

Process parameters Values Units
Steam flow 64 t/h
Steam temperature 525 oC
Steam pressure 93 bar
Boiler efficiency 90 %
Feed water temperature 140 oC
Fuel input 17.4 t/h
Turbine output 16.5 MWe
Local flue gas limits out of the boiler
CO max 200 mg/Nm3
NOx max. 250 mg/Nm3
Dust 50 mg/Nm3

 * Based on 6% O2 in dry flue gas