Templeborough, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, UK

Waste wood-fired power plant for CIP

Together with Interserve Strategic Projects we were awarded a £200 million contract to design, manufacture and build Templeborough Biomass Power Plant in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England for Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP). 
Our supplies comprise the full electromechanical turn-key power plant and an operation and maintenance contract under which we will operate and maintain the plant for 15 years once the plant is commissioned.


Efficient use of waste wood

The new biomass plant will be capable of processing waste wood, including contaminated wood and fuel containing metals, with no pre-treatment required. With an annual combustion of 264,000 tons of wood waste, producing 40MWe, the plant will be able to supply 78,000 households with electricity. The plant completion is scheduled for third quarter of 2017.


The Rotherham biomass plant will feature B&W Vølund’s:
• Multi-fuel boiler
• DynaGrate® fuel combustion system 
• Dry flue gas desulfurisation system 
• Steam turbine-generator
• Cooling towers
• Flue gas treatment tanks
• Stacks
• Fly ash silo 

Templeborough waste wood-fired power plant

15-year operation and maintenance contract

The Templeborough plant is one out of three plants in the UK that have signed a 15-year O&M contract with B&W Vølund. All of these plants and future UK plants will benefit from B&W Vølund having a UK-focused structure in place with the added benefits of prompt servicing and provision of spares. 

Plant design data

Process parameter  Values*  Units
Waste capacity 32.9  t/h
Heat value 13.7  MJ/kg
Steam output  158  t/h
Steam temperature  500  ᴼC
Steam pressure  80  Bar
Boiler outlet flue gas temperature  135  ᴼC
Feed water temperature 150  ᴼC

*All values refer to 11 % O2 dry gas