Leirvik in Faroe Islands

Waste-to-energy plant

50% capacity increase and 10 year extended life time

For several years, the Faroese had been struggling with the same waste problems as many other parts of the world -- increasing amounts of waste from households, industry, and other refuse collection services and an inadequate capacity to transform waste to energy and heat via combustion. Our service department analysed the plant and upgraded it to handle the increasing amounts of waste.

By updating and changing a number of central technologies we significantly improved the plant's performance, capacity, and efficiency without expanding the existing building and at just 25% of the cost of a new plant. After the upgrade, the plant met all current environment regulations.

The Leirvik plant was originally designed for 2.5 tons of waste per hour at 8.4 MJ/kg, but in order to cope with the increasing amount of waste, the plant has been upgraded to 3 tons per hour at 11 MJ/kg.

Leirvik waste-to-energy plant