Reno-Nord, Aalborg in Denmark

Waste-to-energy plant, reserve line Plant 3 

New regulation of reserve line concept allows greater control, lower emissions, and peace of mind.

Reno-Nord in Aalborg, Denmark is now enjoying greater steam production stability after our service department advised them to modify the regulation concept of Reno-Nord's reserve line Plant 3. Plant 3 will now remain within the established emission values and can be used optimally during peak capacity or periods in which it is necessary to shut down the main line.
In October 2005 Reno-Nord opened Plant 4, a new waste-to-energy plant with a capacity of 20 tonnes per hour. The new plant replaced two old furnace lines from 1980, while Plant 3, a 10-tonne-capacity furnace line from 1991, was kept as a reserve line.
The old line had several excess emission incidents, which is why we and Reno-Nord inspected, and then optimised, the combustion process. The furnace line now meets today’s environmental standards. The project lasted approximately three months, from early summer until October of 2010, during which the plant was commissioned, adjusted, and approved. 

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Reno-Nord's reserve W-t-E plant brought under greater control through new regulation concept 

The new furnace line 4 at Reno-Nord 

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