Sakra, Jurong Island, Singapore

Waste-to-energy plant to supply steam for the local industries in Jurong Island, Singapore

In cooperation with Halla Energy & Environment and Hyundai-HEC Joint Venture B&W Vølund is building a new waste-to-energy plant for Sembcorp Ltd. The plant will be located in Sakra, an industrial area on the Jurong Island in Singapore. Sembcorp Ltd has chosen our DynaGrate® technology for the new high-tech waste-to-energy plant. This will be the first time that our DynaGrate® is used in a waste-to-energy plant in Asia.

Sembcorp Singapore

The waste-to-energy plant

The new waste-to-energy facility will produce approx. 197 tonnes of steam per hour using about 1,150 tonnes of industrial and commercial waste per day. The waste is collected by Sembcorp’s solid waste management operations and amounts to roughly 14% of Singapore’s total daily tonnage of waste bound for processing. The commissioning of the plant will take place by the end of 2015.

Low cost and environmentally sound disposal

The main objectives of the facility are to produce steam and to lower Sembcorp’s cost of processing industrial and commercial waste. Steam will be supplied to multiple industries located nearby whilst providing an environmentally sound solution for industrial and commercial waste disposal. The plant will use industrial and commercial waste as fuel to produce energy in the form of steam which will then be supplied to chemical and petrochemical companies on the Jurong Island. There will be two boiler lines which can each process 575 tonnes of waste daily. 

B&W Vølund supply: 

  • 2 x water-cooled DynaGrate®
  • Inconel-cladded water-cooled wear zones
  • Design of boiler, firing equipment, clinker pusher, and auxiliary equipment

Major stakeholders:

  • Sembcorp Industries Limited: The end-client; Sembcorp is a leading developer, owner and operator of energy and water cleaning plants
  • Halla Energy & Environment: B&W Vølund’s license partner in charge of contracting the plant
  • Hyundai-HEC Joint Venture: Halla’s client and main EPC contractor
  • B&W Vølund: Technology provider of the core combustion equipment and boiler

* All values refer to 11% O2 dry gas

** 1-hour average

Plant design data 

Process parameters Values* Units
Waste capacity  2 x 24 t/h
Heat value, range 9.7 - 15.7 MJ/kg
Steam output 
2 x 98.5 t/h
Steam temperature 
403 oC
Steam pressure 
53.5 Bar
Boiler outlet flue gas temp.
190 oC
Feed water temperature  150 oC

Flue gas values - after cleaning
NOx** 350 Ng/Nm3
CO** 100  Ng/Nm3
TOC ≤ 3  %