B&W Vølund man services a plant  

Support and service

Better maintenance means better availability and better economy. Here are some of the ways we can help you.

Parts wear out. Technology changes. Needs change. Throughout the useful lifetime of a waste-to-energy, biomass, multi-fuel, or fossil fuel-fired plant, there will be many reasons to call a service specialist. And not just for service, but for plant improvements and upgrades, too.


Here are just some of the ways we can help keep your facility working smoothly and productively: 

Better maintenance means better availability. And that means better economy.

Condition assessments and optimisation

Our sophisticated computer models can help you optimise existing plants for maximum output. In turn, we can use this data to improve performance across all processes. Here are some of the ways we achieve this:


We have extensive experience in upgrading equipment to increase efficiency and meet the demands of stricter environmental legislation. For example, we can help you achieve:

In short, we can help you convert existing facilities into state-of-the-art energy plants - and keep them running their best for many years to come.

Training and networking 

Both new and experienced operators can benefit from our tailor-made training and networking opportunities for energy plants.

Whether you need a refresher course or training for new operating staff, we are able to help you. We will design a programme specifically for your needs and goals.

For more information, please contact our service department by mail or at (+45) 7614 3400.