B&W Vølund man checks automatic combustion control

Assessments, upgrades and optimisation

Give your old energy plant new life! Through upgrades and/or optimisation we can help you obtain a stable operation, increased energy output, and emission levels that comply with today’s standards and legislation.

Almost every old plant has the potential to perform even better. New technology provides many opportunities for existing plants to increase performance while meeting stricter emission legislation. We have 80 years of experience with waste-to-energy and biomass energy plants. Each day we design, construct, and commission brand new state-of-the art plants and service numerous existing plants. We know that every energy plant is unique, and can assist you improving your plant’s specific performance.

Sometimes optimisation is what’s needed; other times we suggest a plant upgrade.

When upgrading a plant we replace vital equipment tailored to the specific situation. This could be new combustion equipment like the combustion grate and/or the installation of water-cooled wear zones or other vital plant equipment. In some cases there may be a need to redesign the radiation walls. Often we redesign and optimise the combustion air system in order to secure good, stable flow conditions. Our learnings, our products, and our after-purchase support are focused on one thing: improving your energy production and availability.

Services we provide include:

Condition assessment and performance optimisation

Inspection and surveying

  • Visual inspections, surveying and measuring
  • FST-Gage (Fast Scanning Thickness), patented wall thickness measuring for evaluation of remaining life
  • Data gathering and performance testing

Reporting: Condition/assessments/recommendations

  • Assessment and analysis of your plant’s condition and operation
  • Recommended measures for optimisations
  • Budgets and schedules for optimisations

Optimisation, adjustment, and training

  • Implementation of optimisation measures
  • Adjustment and trimming of existing and new equipment
  • Instruction and training of your plant staff by our experienced process and commissioning engineers

Revamp and plant upgrades

  • Design and engineering and
  • Basic design, layout and detailed design
  • CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) analysis of combustion and flue gas flow in boilers

Revamping or retrofitting of plant equipment for:

  • Fuel conversion
  • Increase of capacity
  • Improved combustion and efficiency
  • Improved environmental conditions (SNCR for reduction of NOx emission, auxiliary burners, etc.)
  • Increased availability and operating time (reduction of fouling, etc.)
  • Life prolongation, including Inconel corrosion protection of tubing Improved working environment for your operating personnel

50% capacity increase and 10 years extended life for the Leirvik plant

We have upgraded the Leirvik waste-to-energy plant on the Faroe Islands to handle the increasing amounts of waste.

By updating and changing a number of central technologies at the Leirvik plant, we significantly improved the plant's performance, capacity, and efficiency without expanding the existing building and at just 25% of the cost of a new plant. After the upgrade, the plant met all current environment regulations.

The Leirvik plant was originally designed for 2.5 tons of waste per hour at 8.4 MJ/kg, but in order to cope with the increasing amount of waste, the plant has been upgraded to 3 tons per hour at 11 MJ/kg.

Several advantages in upgrading the Leirvik plant

There are several advantages in upgrading existing plants. For the Leirvik plant, this meant:

  • A capacity increase of 50%
  • Minimum 10 years extended life span
  • An upgrade costing approx. 25% of the price of a new plant A plant that meets all current environment legislations

Furnace line upgrade has increased capacity by approximately 25% and minimised downtime at Aars District Heating Plant

Furnace line 1 at the Aars District Heating Plant in Denmark dated back to 1985-86, required an excessive amount of downtime due to clinker build-up. Before the upgrade the plant was forced to close for two to four days every fifth or sixth week to clean the furnace room, losing valuable production time.

We redesigned both the water-cooled wear zones and secondary air system and upgraded the grate to a new DynaGrate®. The water-cooled wear zones were heightened using extra tubes and a new technology featuring cooling air inlet holes in the side walls and side panels was developed and implemented.

We are ahead of the industry curve

Unlike many other waste-to-energy companies, our new plants are already equipped with state-of-the-art water-cooled wear zones. In addition, our equipment is at the forefront of the industry and we constantly do research and development to ensure we offer the latest technology to our clients.

Our experience is that all old plants have increased their energy production and reduced their operating costs after installing water-cooled wear zones. Aars District Heating Plant is the first plant to incorporate our new, patented wear zones with holes in the panels for injection of cooling air into the side panels.

Read more about water-cooled wear zones here.