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Maintenance and service

Our maintenance agreements and services can help minimise your downtime and optimise your energy production and profits.

If you own a waste-to-energy plant, a biomass or multi-fuel fired plant we can help you minimise your downtime and maximize your profits though our service packages and maintenance programs.

Parts wear out. Technology changes. Needs change. Throughout the useful lifetime of a waste-to-energy, biomass, multi-fuel or fossil-fuel installation, there will be many reasons to call a service specialist – and not just for service, but for plant improvements too.

We have been keeping plants safe and efficient for more than 80 years

Our knowledge and expertise come from more than 80 years of experience with energy plants. Over the years more than 500 production lines have been built based on our technology, and many of them are still in use and operating smoothly today.

Reaping the benefits of our expertise

When you put us in charge of your maintenance, you are assured of operational reliability, access to the newest technologies, and depth of knowledge.

Because we have always maintained our primary focus on waste-to-energy plants, we know the industry better than many general contractors. That said, our extensive experience means we are able to service both our own equipment and that of other suppliers – including biomass and fossil fuel installations.

We understand problems, many times before they occur

We visit more than 40 plants per year and there are very few problems we haven’t seen – or solved.  In addition to helping us solve yours more quickly, this experience means we’re able to anticipate many issues before they happen.

We know plants

We understand the process of wear and tear on a plant and know the durability of each part.
We know how many operating hours each part can withstand. This is knowledge that can prevent unexpected stops. It can also secure your energy production, since we’ll replace these parts before they wear out.

We start at the beginning

A service assignment with us may include inspection of the boiler, combustion equipment, and boiler cleaning systems. This inspection, an understanding of your equipment history, and our experience form the basis of a plan to predict future maintenance tasks and develop a maintenance strategy.

The service agreement is a strategic operation and maintenance plan tailored for your needs

We are experiencing that many plant owners are requesting more expertise within maintenance, planning, consulting, and support.

To meet this demand we are offering a comprehensive service plan called service agreements. The aim of our service agreement and the long-term cooperation is to reduce your total maintenance costs and increase the availability and thus the earning from your plants.

The planning, coordination, inspection, condition assessment, service visits, and support are all part of this comprehensive program. With a service agreement we help you achieve your goals.

Improve efficiency and eliminate unexpected downtime

We help our clients obtain improved efficiency and a better working environment through minor or major plant modifications. We also help our clients meet stricter environmental restrictions and future legal requirements.

In addition, we can

  • Arrange pre-planned maintenance, perform inspections and condition assessments
  • Repair and improve existing equipment, parts of plant and entire plants
  • Deliver spare parts and components
  • Optimise your operation so that your production reaches its full potential
  • Arrange operator training

In case of emergency, we are available 24 / 7

With our service agreement, you are assured of our availability at all times.

Support can be many things. Just some examples are: 

  • 24-hour hotline: (+45) 76143400
  • Support for start-up after maintenance shutdown
  • Online operating support

Read more about our comprehensive service agreements here.