L90 Esbjerg waste-to-energy plant


We can give your plant new life and customise a service plan for your peace of mind  We’ll  help increase capacity, optimise output, reduce emissions, protect against corrosion, and much more.

No two plants are identical and there are many ways we help each individual client. Whether it is a need to increase your plant’s capacity, optimise your energy output, reduce your emission levels, protect against corrosion, or perform maintenance and revision, we can help.

Almost every old plant has the potential to perform even better

Almost every old plant can be optimised. New technology provides many opportunities for existing plants to increase performance while meeting stricter emission legislation.

Read about how our services have helped our clients:

Leirvik, Faroe Islands, Waste-to-energy

50% capacity increase and 10 year extended life time

Aars District Heating Plant, Denmark, Waste-to-energy

25% increased energy production and lower operating costs

Thorshavn, Faroe Islands, Waste-to-energy

50% reduction in down time and 10% capacity increase

Reno-Nord in Aalborg, Denmark, Waste-to-energy

New regulation concept allows greater control, lower emissions, and peace of mind

Vestforbrænding, Denmark, Waste-to-energy

New grates cut sifting considerably

L90, Esbjerg, Denmark, Waste-to-energy

Value and enhanced working environment with new CMT-welded Inconel® panels 

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Service agreements for peace of mind

No two plants are identical. Therefore, we tailor your service plan to give you the support you’ll need. We craft the agreement according to the strategy you’ve chosen for planned stoppages and maintenance shutdown periods, and extend it as required with service visits and support.

Whether it’s a plant upgrade or optimisation, new technology, help with systems or any one of a number of other things, we’re here 24/7.

Here are just some of our clients who have taken advantage of our service agreements.

  • Karlstad, Sweden
  • Sundsvall, Sweden
  • Kiruna, Sweden
  • Hässleholm, Sweden
  • Högdalen, Sweden
  • Reno-Nord, Denmark
  • L90, Denmark
  • Linköping, Sweden
  • Avesta, Sweden
  • Skövde, Sweden
  • Fiskeby, Sweden
  • Boden, Sweden

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