L90, Esbjerg, Denmark


Value and enhanced working environment with new CMT-welded Inconel® panels

Better value and enhanced working environment. These are the reasons that L90 in Esbjerg chose to install a new panel wall with CMT-welded Inconel coating.

In four weeks, we replaced a panel wall measuring 16 x 9 metres with a new wall with Inconel coating. The wall will now last until 2030, the life of the boiler. This means greatly reduced maintenance costs and greater safety for employees. The replacement was carried out in painstaking compliance with schedules and safety.

The wall was replaced during four weeks of the planned repair and maintenance shutdown in May 2011.

Both dismantling of the old wall and installation of the new are complex processes. It is an extremely hectic period when work is carried out around the clock. We spent 4,000 installation hours on the replacement alone.

L90 plans to replace 80% of its walls and has already completed two of three phases.

L90 Esbjerg waste-to-energy plant