Thorshavn, Faroe Islands

Waste-to-energy plant

50% reduction in down time and 10% capacity increase

Operational problems due to slag deposits in the furnace are critical in small plants with narrow grates as the waste flow is hindered by even small amounts of slag deposit. Because we know this, we kept an eye on the waste-to-energy plant in Torshavn, which is an example of this type of system. The plant had problems with capacity and operating time and it was often necessary to stop the plant to remove slag from the furnace.

In 2006 we installed a water-cooled wear zone. After installation the plant owner experienced an increased accessibility of 100%, 10% capacity increase, 50% reduction in down time (from two weeks to one week), and an overall improvement in the working environment without dust at the ash conveyor.

Thorshavn waste-to-energy plant


Thorshavn waste-to-energy plant