Vestforbrænding, Denmark

Waste-to-energy plant

New grates cut sifting considerably

Staff at Vestforbrænding, Denmark no longer has to clean under the grates each week. A new grate plate minimises grate siftings considerably. It is both easier and quicker to fit, is highly durable, and ensures that the plant can run more efficiently in the future.
The plant owner had two criteria for the new plates: that the grates should be at least as easy to fit and in a shorter period of time; and that they should be at least as durable as the existing plates. They also had to be able to withstand an 18-month operating period at the most heavily used grates.

During maintenance shutdown, grate 2 was fully replaced with the new grate plate for the Vølund grate. Our spare parts manager explains that the grate plates are produced in larger modules which fit into the existing grates. Furthermore, it is a sturdy construction with lots of wearing material on the sides, there are no loose fire bars, and the sides of the grate plates are machined and smooth, which all help to make the grate closely spaced.

Our significant experience in regulating new plants has also proven useful in upgrading older plants. Using a new regulation concept, we were able to achieve greater stability in steam production in order to meet emission values.

Vølund combustion grate - new generation

The new Vølund grate