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Service agreements

There are no “cookie cutter” elements in our service agreement. No two plants are identical, which is why your agreement is tailor-made for your specific needs.

What is included with a service agreement?

Your agreement will include planning, inspection, condition assessment, reporting, and follow-up. It’s customised according to the strategy you’ve chosen for planned stoppages and maintenance shutdown periods, and is extended as required with service visits and support.

You’ll receive:

  • A high degree of predictability regarding your maintenance costs
  • Help planning and coordinating your maintenance activities
  • Preventive maintenance in the form of inspections and condition assessment
  • Detailed reports of completed inspections
  • Direct access to B&W Vølund’s expertise in the form of on-site, on-line, and telephone support
  • Attractive spare part solutions
  • 24/7 service.

What can you expect with our service agreement?

  • Planning annual maintenance work. At the start of the year our service engineer participates with key personnel from your operating and maintenance divisions. A schedule and need for resources are established.
  • Planning maintenance shutdowns.
  • Maintenance shutdown coordination. We can take charge of the day-to-day management and coordination of current and upcoming tasks with subcontractors, and ensure clarification of all safety components.
  • Assessment of maintenance shutdown and inspection. A follow-up meeting will be held among key operating and maintenance personnel and our engineer to discuss findings and take the first steps toward a strategy for the following year.

Inspection, condition assessment, maintenance optimisation

After a thorough inspection of the boiler, combustion equipment, and boiler cleaning system we will use our findings and the history of the equipment to predict future maintenance needs.

Following each inspection, we will provide recommendations for an on-going operation and maintenance strategy.

Service visits: performance optimisation and/or operator training

Performance optimisation: If the conditions of your plant’s operation change, it may be necessary to optimise the process controllers and regulation of the plant.

In collaboration with your plant’s operating personnel, our service engineers inspect and adjust the process controllers in order to optimise emissions and other contributors to performance. Any limits will be identified and, based on the latest developments in process and regulation concepts, optimisation measures will be recommended to ensure that your plant is always up to date. 

Operator training: We offer training for operating personnel and assistance in the training of new employees. Depending on needs and requirements, our trainers put together both theoretical and practical training programs.

What if you need support at 3 a.m.?

With a service agreement you are assured 24/7 access to support in cases where additional resources or special skills are required. In emergencies we can offer our service engineers’ assistance via our service hotline. This service means that we can begin repairs or replacements within 24 hours.

Support services also include: 

Start-up after maintenance. Functional testing of affected systems is necessary after larger maintenance shutdowns. In most cases it will also be necessary to test the plant’s safety interlocks.

In consultation with your operating personnel our engineer will carry out functional testing of the affected components and systems and will assist in the first start-up after maintenance shutdown.

Online operating support. When connecting to your plant’s DCS we offer our service engineer’s expertise in troubleshooting, condition assessment, functional testing, and system optimization.

Spare parts management. To ensure that the correct spare parts are available for day-to-day operations and for maintenance shutdowns or breakdowns, we can handle storage management and the purchasing of spare parts as well as different logistic solutions tailored to your needs.

Depending on your particular agreement, we count spare part usage after a maintenance shutdown and, based on this count and the latest inspection report, prepare an offer for new spare parts. The storage inventory is continuously adapted to estimates and recommendations from the inspection reports as well as your general maintenance strategy.

Spare parts storage. We can store your spare parts until you need them. In this way you will save costs in conjunction with storage and management. Another option is to enter into a spare parts agreement, or fund, with plants that use the same types of spare parts.

Optimal accessibility, high flexibility. We can pack your spare parts into a container that is ready to be forwarded from our storage in Esbjerg on short notice. After a maintenance shutdown or breakdown, the container is returned to us for inventory and refill. This solution provides optimal accessibility and high flexibility without you having to allocate permanent space for the storage of spare parts.

If you prefer to have your spare parts in closer proximity we can also place the pre-packed container at the plant. Each time you use spare parts from the container we’ll send new ones.

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