Spare parts at B&W Vølund

Spare parts

We manufacture a number of original spare parts for our plants to ensure their availability for daily operations and unexpected shutdowns.

Critical spare parts for immediate supply

We always have critical and original spare parts ready for immediate supply. This minimises downtime of your plant, and we experience that this immediate service is a huge relief for our customers.

Original spare parts – a proven technology that is still improving

Our technology is proven – but we are continuously improving it. An example is our new grate plate for the Vølund combustion grate, an improved coherent module which is backwards-compatible with existing Vølund grates.
Having our own production facility as well as a number of selected, experienced sub-suppliers, we are able to offer an array of original spare parts for many types of plant equipment. Here are some of them:

  • DynaGrate® - previously named BS teknik
  • Vølund combustion grate
  • Biomass combustion grates
  • Coal combustion grates
  • Fuel-feeding systems
  • Boiler systems
  • Ash and clinker handling systems

Recommendations and stock-holding: there are many ways we can help you

To ensure that the correct spare parts are available for day-to-day operations and for maintenance shutdowns or breakdowns, we offer to carry out storage management and purchase of spare parts as well as different logistic solutions tailored to your needs.
There are many ways we can help you:

Management of spare parts

We count the spare part usage after a maintenance shutdown. Based on this count and the latest inspection report we prepare an of¬fer for new spare parts. The storage inventory is continuously adapted to estimates and recommendations from the inspection reports as well as your general maintenance strategy.

Spare part storage with us

We offer to store your spare parts until you need them. In this way you will save costs for storage and management. Another option could be to enter into a so-called spare parts fund with plants that use the same type of spare parts. This would bring down the costs even more.

Container solution 

We will pack your spare parts into a container that is ready to be forwarded from our storage in Esbjerg at short notice. After the maintenance shutdown or breakdown, the container is returned to us for inventory and refill. This solution gives optimal accessibility and high flexibility without you having to allocate permanent space for the storage of spare parts. With this solution you thus save space and resources for storage management.

Spare part container

If you prefer to have your spare parts close by, we can also place the pre-packed container at the plant. Each time you use spare parts from the container we will send new ones. This solution gives you the best possible accessibility without commitments.

Further information

For further information please contact us at (+45) 7614 3400 and ask for the service department.

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