Gärstad Linköping waste-to-energy plant  


We’ve supplied more than 500 renewable solutions worldwide in the past 80 years and B&W Vølund is one of the world’s leading technology suppliers for converting household waste and biomass into heat and power, as well as a provider of turnkey solutions utilizing strategic partners.

We are one of the world’s leading technology suppliers for converting household waste and biomass into heat and power.
We have delivered more than 500 waste-to-energy / energy-from-waste, biomass, and multi-fuel solutions over the past 80 years, most of which are still running smoothly. This extensive experience is one of the many reasons we now rank among the world’s leading contractors and suppliers of equipment and technologies for waste-to-energy plants.

Waste-to-energy: Proven technology and still improving

We have been continuously developing our range of boiler, grate, and firing systems – waste-to-energy systems which enable us to solve our clients’ problems efficiently and economically. Our expertise and our technologies ensure optimum energy utilisation and reliability with maximum consideration for the environment. This is driven by our strong R&D focus.

Finding the best waste-to-energy solution

To help our clients find the best possible waste-to-energy solution for their specific needs, we can often provide references based on similar plants we have built. Not only does this help demonstrate the possibilities available, but it also helps non-experts understand the key considerations. This, in turn, helps them make more informed decisions.

Although this website contains a lot of detailed information, if you are unfamiliar with the basic principles of modern waste-to-energy technologies, here are some good places to start:

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