Solid Waste Authority, West Palm Beach, Florida, U.S.

New waste-to-energy plant

In partnership with our parent company, The Babcock & Wilcox Company, (B&W) and our consortium partner BE&K Construction, we have supplied know-how, technology, and equipment for three huge production lines for the Solid Waste Authority (SWA) in Palm Beach County in West Palm Beach, Florida.

One of the world’s largest waste-to-energy plants

Each line is capable of handling and combusting 900 tonnes of waste per day – a combined total of 2,700 tonnes per day.

Photography by Patricia Fallon.

We have designed and supplied:

  • Three mass burn boilers capable of generating up to 95 gross megawatts of electricity
  • DynaGrate® air-cooled and water-cooled combustion grates 
  • Ash systems
  • Metals recovery systems
  • Emissions control equipment
  • Dry flue gas desulfurisation unit
  • Baghouse
  • Carbon injection and selective catalytic reduction system
  • Duct work and other components.

The client also requested our proprietary DynaGrate® combustion grate, the most advanced grate on the market. The plant has a single pass boiler, the North American boiler type, from our parent company The Babcock & Wilcox Company.

The plant has been operating commercially since 2015. 

Plant design data (total values for 3 lines)

Process parameters Guaranteed values* Units
Waste capacity  113.4  t/h
Steam output  386.2  t/h
Steam temperature  443  oC
Steam pressure  63  Bar
Gross electric output  95.3  MW
TOC, bottom ash  %
Feed water temperature  149  oC
Boiler outlet flue gas temp. 179.44 oC
Flue gas values out of boiler:
NOX** 50 ppmv Ng/Nm3
CO*** 100 ppmv Ng/Nm3
TOC 7 ppvm %

*All values refer to 11% O2 dry gas

** Daily

*** Half-hour

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