B&W Vølund man checks automatic combustion control

Advanced combustion control

Our Advanced Combustion Control (ACC) systems provide you with increased operational stability, optimal energy output, better availability, and earnings.

When it comes to control and operation, the major difficulty is the variable heating values of the fuel. Our ACC system is designed to automatically adjust to these values.

Our experience and research show that implementing our regulation modules achieves approx. 50% reduction of existing load variations. The reduced variation increases your production, and the load setpoint can be adjusted to the maximum allowable output.

New regulation concept: Payback time is only 6 – 12 months

In new plants our advanced regulation systems are standard. If, however, you own an existing waste-to-energy plant with no regulation system, we can significantly increase your plant’s efficiency and productivity with a new regulation concept. With a production increase of 2%, the payback time on our system is only 6 – 12 months.

Protect your plant from overload with Mechanical Continuous Rating

By implementing Mechanical Continuous Rating, one of our four regulation models, your plant is protected from mechanical overload as the amount of fuel introduced is registered. In the event of overloading, the load is reduced. This method helps ensure complete burnout of the bottom ash from difficult fuels. We can implement MCR independently if there is a crane weight calculation.

Operate your plant to its maximum efficiency with Automatic Setpoint Control

Automatic Setpoint Control is a registration system that sets the maximum load setpoint in accordance with your plant’s capacity diagram and the fuel’s calorific value. By implementing this system we ensure that your plant is always set to the optimum and maximum load allowed, depending upon the quality of your fuel. The system guarantees that your plant always operates at the peak of its efficiency.

Increase your plant’s production stability with Fast Stoker Response

With Fast Stoker Response you can control your grate’s dynamic load online. It allows you to constantly control the waste layer’s relative height on the grate, which means you always have fuel available for the desired energy production. Installing Fast Stoker Response significantly increases your plant’s production stability.

Get overall control and stability with Energy Release Management

With Energy Release Management you actively monitor the energy production. Signals are sent when correction of grate and combustion air is needed. This stabilizes the overall production and allows you to control the process. Energy Release Management is an optimising link to the other regulation modules.

Advanced combustion control

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