Energy recovery

Our highly efficient waste-to-energy plants obtain a total recovery of 99%. In existing plants our flue gas condensation can increase energy recovery by 20-25%.

99% total energy recovery

Our highly efficient CHP waste-to-energy plants can obtain a total recovery of 99%
Improved revenue, reduced greenhouse emissions, and a more positive image are three of the benefits our clients have with extended energy recovery by condensation of the hot flue gasses at waste combustion. In addition, energy recovery offers an economic incentive since the generated heat can be sold and, at the same time, the overall flue gas treatment is improved.

Maximised energy recovery makes sense, financially and environmentally

In Scandinavia most waste-to-energy plants are equipped with flue gas condensers. These are often in combination with heat pumps that will enhance the energy recovery even further. As a supplier of advanced thermal waste treatment systems, our subsidiary Götaverken Miljö has delivered such equipment to a number of waste-to-energy plants in Sweden and Denmark, countries in the forefront of environmental installations.

Flue gas condensation increases energy recovery by 20-25%

The condensation of flue gas in both heat exchangers and absorption heating pumps is affording huge gains in energy recovery.

The system condenses the flue gas in the washing tower by cooling the gas, extracting the heat, and sending it to the district heating grid. This process consists of two steps. First, a circulation system connected to a heat exchanger sends the flue gas directly to the district heating system, which cools it down to approximately 50 °C degrees. Then an absorption pump further cools the flue gas to approximately 30 °C degrees.

The extra heat extraction provided by the added absorption heating pump provides a 20-25% improvement in energy recovery from the waste. For this reason, the investment quickly pays for itself. The system can be implemented in existing plants.

Götaverken Miljö has delivered highly efficient flue gas condensation systems to a number of waste-to-energy and biomass-fired plants. Many of these deliveries have included flue gas cleaning technology and a heat pump process.

Another benefit: dioxin removal

When combined with ADIOX®, a widely recognized method of removing dioxins and preventing memory effect, the flue gas condensation also eliminates dioxins. The patented ADIOX process is based on the high affinity of dioxins to carbon and was developed by Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and promoted by our subsidiary Götaverken Miljö.

If you are interested in learning more about our energy recovery technology, please contact Ole Hedegaard Madsen.

If you are interested to hear more about energy recovery in existing plants please contact Per Lindgren, (+46) 708 964682