Automatic combustion control

Better combustion and burnout with VoluMix™

Our VoluMix™system ensures a good, turbulent mixing of the flue gasses. This gives you a better combustion process and burn-out in the gas phase.

The system is installed at the inlet of the first pass. VoluMix™ is designed on the basis of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling. CFD programs are advanced calculation tools for computations of three-dimensional turbulent flow with heat and mass transfer. Since 1996 CFD technology has been one of the cornerstones of our design, making us pioneers in the industry.

VoluMix™ ensures ultra low CO and TOC content in the flue gas

Secondary air is added via nozzles in the furnace front and back ceiling and at one or more levels in the first boiler pass. The nozzles in the first boiler pass generate the VoluMix™ system. VoluMix™ consists of a nozzle arrangement that ‘pushes’ the flue gas to make it move in two spiral shapes. The impact of VoluMix™ is obvious as the content of CO and TOC in the flue gas becomes extremely low when this technology is applied. The levels of these substances are indicators of the thoroughness of the combustion process. The lower the level of CO, the better for the environment.

Mixing the flue gasses thoroughly leads to uniform temperatures and to a better combustion process and burnout of the first pass. This results in better heat absorption in the boiler. Furthermore, VoluMix™ prevents recycling zones in the flue gas in the first pass.

The advantages of VoluMix™:

  • Good mixing and combustion conditions in the furnace – gas phase burnout
  • Staged combustion makes it possible to reduce the formation of fuel NOx
  • Avoidance of hot spots in the furnace and boiler which would speed up corrosion
  • Obtaining turbulent conditions for optimum burnout –extreme low CO levels
  • Uniform temperature and velocity distribution in the passes in order to maximize heat transfer and residence time
  • Basis for low excess air resulting in high overall thermal efficiency

VoluMix™ keeps operation and maintenance costs down

As a result of the VoluMix™ system, it is possible to operate down to an excess air ratio corresponding to approximately 5% O2 in the flue gas without problems with carbon monoxide. With VoluMix™ there is no need for flue gas recirculation. This saves you the investment costs of the fan as well as the operation and maintenance costs for running it.


VoluMix seen from furnace

VoluMix™- seen from the furnace