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Want to talk with us in person at a conference? Interested in the latest news in the field of energy recovery? Here’s a quick overview of what has been happening around our company. 

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  • Date: July; 15; 2015 | Author:

    Mr DynaGrate®

    They have been together for over 40 years, through seven companies and a development that has gone from one to 40 tonnes per hour: the original DynaGrate® design has led Hans Bøgh Andersen through some big changes - which is why he still cannot let go of his grate.

  • Date: July; 14; 2015 | Author:

    The goal is 500°C

    A unique commercial research project between Babcock & Wilcox Vølund and the Risø Campus of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) will make it possible to increase the temperature of steam up to 500°C. At the heart of the matter is a new, durable coating on the superheaters. If successful, the project may lead to technology that is capable of extracting even more electricity from waste.

  • Date: July; 13; 2015 | Author:

    Large packages for the UK

    Big package, little risk. Babcock & Wilcox Vølund are now delivering the whole package to the British market: Biomass plants and operation and maintenance contracts with electricity production guarantee.

  • Date: July; 12; 2015 | Author:

    Video of Copenhill, Amager Bakke waste-fired power plant

    Watch our new video of Copenhill - Copenhagen’s state-of-the-art and multi-purpose plant. The plant will be one of the most advanced waste-to-energy plants in the world when completed in 2017.

  • Date: July; 03; 2015 | Author:

    West Palm Beach waste-fired power plant is almost complete

    West Palm Beach waste-fired power plant celebrated: Construction of the waste-fired power plant, Palm Beach Renewable Energy Facility 2, in West Palm Beach, Florida, is almost complete, and the grand opening ceremony was held on 27 June 2015.

  • Date: June; 03; 2015 | Author:

    Total service: An end to your worries

    It saves time and worry. It provides much greater safety for employees, as well as for the results of the annual maintenance shutdown and subsequent operations. It's called the Total Service Agreement.

  • Date: June; 02; 2015 | Author:

    UK: Breakthrough for operation of biomass-fired power plants

    With the two watershed contracts in Great Britain, B&W Vølund have taken a giant step into a future where the company will not only build, deliver and service biomass energy plants with state-of-the-art technology, but also operate and maintain the plants with an electricity production guarantee.

  • Date: June; 02; 2015 | Author:

    The telephone is boss

    The telephone calls the shots. It's finding the right people for the job. It's the pleasure of knowing clients and colleagues for years. It's the motorcycle ride after closing time, the next dive and Brøndby Football Club. It's Peder Jørgensen.

  • Date: June; 01; 2015 | Author:

    ERFA customer seminars 2015

    Tips, technology and the chance to have a talk with others. This year’s ERFA customer seminars took place in Copenhagen.

  • Date: June; 01; 2015 | Author:

    He knows how to build a sales organisation

    He has already taken one sales organisation from one to 25 employees. And now he will be doing it again. This time at Babcock & Wilcox Vølund, Service. He knows his toolbox like the back of his hand. The challenge this time is that he is building on entirely new ground. Meet Sales Manager Niels Christiansen.