The steam purging on Filborna, Helsingborg, approved

Date: September; 12; 2012 | Author:
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Another important milestone was reached when steam purging at Filbornaverket in Helsingborg, Sweden, was approved on 6 September 2012.

According to contract, two subsequent steam purging target plates had to be approved.
The approval was brought home after 14 purges – of which eight were with target plates.

Filbornaverket makes it possible to use the region’s large quantities of combustible waste to produce electricity and district heating for the local grid. Filbornaverket is able to burn approx. 227,000 tonnes of waste per year – with an overall thermal efficiency of 100 %.

The new waste-to-energy plant in Helsingborg is scheduled for hand-over in early 2013.

Filborna plant sheet

Process parameters Values Units
Waste capacity 27 t/h
Heat value, lower 10 MJ/kg
Steam output 88.7 t/h
Steam temperature 425 ⁰C
Steam pressure 49 bar
Gross electric output 17 MW
District heating output 58 MW


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