L90 Esbjerg waste-to-energy plant

References on waste-to-energy plants

We have become one of the most respected waste-to-energy companies in the world. We have supplied more than 500 energy plants in 30 countries.

ARC, Amager Bakke, Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen’s state of the art plant sets new standards

Solid Waste Authority, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

One of the world’s largest waste-to-energy plants

Indaver, County Meath, Ireland

Waste-to-energy plant for Indaver in the Dublin area. Ireland’s first waste-to-energy plant is in operation

Sundsvall Energi, Sweden

Waste-to-energy plant, CHP

Reno-Nord, Aalborg, Denmark

Waste-to-energy plant, CHP: Superior performance: thermal efficiency of 100%

L90, Esbjerg, Denmark

Waste-to-energy plant, CPH

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